The do’s and don’ts of butt workouts


Physical appearance matters. No matter what people claim about beauty residing on the inside of a person, the first impression of an individual depends hugely on their outer presentation and how they carry themselves. This is why several people become obsessed with working out. Of course, most people work out for fitness and health, but they also do it so that they may look good. People try and shape their bodies to suit their liking, including reshaping their butts. One of the tried and tested methods of how to get a bigger butt is squatting. However, several individuals do not realize the following four common mistakes they make while working towards a larger, well-shaped rear.


Everyday squats

It is a misconception that the more you work out, the better and faster the results. In fact, if you happen to be squatting every day to reach your desired butt goals, you may just be damaging your muscle growth. This is because muscles need time to repair, so do not exert them. Give them time to heal fully before you work out again.

Weight-free workout

When squatting for a bigger butt, you cannot expect results if all you do are air squats. You need to add weights to your routine. Why? Your gluteus muscles, like other muscles in the body, require resistance to grow.

Lack of protein in your diet

Muscle growth requires nutrients. It is recommended that you should add a high amount of protein such as fish and eggs to your diet as they will provide amino acids, which will eventually build up mass faster.

Incorrect workout

If you’re working out but cannot see results, it may just be because you’re doing your squats incorrectly. Ensure that your spine is straight, your knees don’t cross your toes, and keep your feet apart as much as your shoulder’s width.